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Common Pitfalls with Emergency Lighting Compliance

Emergency lighting is not just a luxury but a crucial element that can make a significant difference when it comes to safeguarding lives during a power outage. Without a doubt, it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in any building. However, achieving emergency lighting compliance can be a complex task, fraught with potential pitfalls that can compromise its effectiveness. That's where our expertise comes in. Our comprehensive CPD covers the most common challenges encountered in emergency lighting compliance.

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Emergency Lighting CPD Aims

If you are a lighting designer, architect, or consultant, an electrical contractor, FM, or building manager, it is essential for you to stay updated with the latest guidance, regulations, and technological solutions to ensure compliance. Our CIBSE Approved CPD Module is specifically designed to assist you in this area.

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"Going on Tamlite's emergency lighting CPD really helped me to understand the importance of compliance."

- Will S
Tamlite Lighting delivering CPD course

During the presentation, you will learn about:

Regulations and Standards | Luminaire Types | Emergency Lighting System Types | Emergency Lighting System Design | Standby Emergency Lighting

Tamlite's CIBSE approved CPD modules offer valuable expertise on the fundamental principles of effective lighting.

Reasons to register for our Emergency Lighting CPD module:

Expert Knowledge
Each CPD is delivered by an industry expert with a vast number of years lighting experience under their belt, leaving you sound in the understanding that you receive as much information and clarity as possible.
CIBSE Approved
Our CPDs are all CIBSE certified meaning each CPD is ratified, approved and certified by CIBSE, so you know that each module is going to provide you with clear guidance and support for professional development, enabling you to develop in your career.
Delivered by a topic export
Each CPD is presented and delivered by an expert in the field, who an confidently present the CPD as well as answer your questions along the way.
Online or In person
Tamlite can schedule the requested CPD around you, and can deliver via an online platform or at your office. We like to be flexible and understand the advantages of both video calls or face to face meetings. So when confirming your CPD, make sure to let us know your preference.
50+ year experience
Tamlite were founded in 1967 and have been evolving and learning ever since. We have knowledge, we can pass on.
We are LIAQA Assured
This is a lighting focused, quality assurance Mark developed by industry experts at the LIA. The scheme assesses a member's quality system and their compliance to regulatory requirements. Once members have achieved and demonstrated the expected level of compliance they are awarded the LIAQA Assured Company Mark.


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