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Increase your knowledge in the fast-paced world of lighting with Tamlite's complimentary CPD modules. As one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the UK, we are dedicated to sharing our extensive knowledge and guiding you towards the best practices in the industry.

In an ever-changing built environment landscape, lighting plays a vital role. With new regulations, evolving policies, and cutting-edge technologies emerging at lightning speed, it can be challenging to keep up. That is why, Tamlite is here to be your trusted partner every step of the way.

Our CIBSE approved continuing professional development modules take a deep dive into the latest developments, equipping you with the confidence to tackle your projects head-on. Whether you're a lighting designer, architect, consultant, or involved in shaping spaces, we have a tailor-made module to suit your needs.

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All our CPD's are CIBSE Approved

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Master the fundamentals: Refine your understanding of good lighting practice and ensure optimal illumination in every project.

Navigate the changing landscape: Stay informed about current legislation, policy updates, and industry guidance impacting your work.

Embrace innovation: Explore emerging technologies like regaining dark skies and circular economy practices, gaining an edge in the market.

Enhancing your professional growth shouldn't require a financial sacrifice. That is why Tamlite offers FREE CIBSE CPD modules. Seize the opportunity to refine your abilities, outpace your rivals, and provide extraordinary lighting solutions.

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Towards a Circular Economy for Luminaires

Circular Economy

Towards a circular economy for luminaires. We look at some key challenges set out in TM65 and TM66 and legislative aspects of BS8887 & BSEN 15978, ​along with the other latest standards and upcoming changes. 

Common pitfalls in emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting

Common pitfalls with emergency lighting compliance. Keep yourself completely informed about the most recent guidance and regulations, along with technology solutions that aid in maintaining and guaranteeing compliance.

Lighting For Wellbeing

Lighting for Wellbeing

Lighting for wellbeing CPD explores the multitude of ways in which lighting can positively impact our overall WELLBEING, spanning different aspects of our daily lives, with a specific focus on enhancing the workplace environment.

Regaining Dark Skies

Regaining Dark Skies

Enhance your understanding of the ever-growing significance of Dark Sky with our Dark Skies CPD. Join us as we delve into the primary causes of light pollution, explore examples of Dark Sky certified areas, and unravel the current guidelines, including LG21 and LG6. Discover the significance of Optics and gain insights into the latest guidance and future planning.

SLL lighting handbook CPD

SLL Lighting Handbook

Experience our CIBSE Approved CPD that serves as your gateway to the illuminating world of the SLL Lighting Handbook. Learning outcomes mirror the fundamental structure of the handbook, offering an insightful exploration of its three main sections. Delve into the intricacies of various topics, and uncover practical applications.



Optics give you the power to shape your lighting exactly as you need it, whether that means spreading light evenly or concentrating it for a specific purpose. When choosing optics for your project, it's crucial to carefully consider the distinctions and effectiveness of exterior and interior lighting.


Expert Knowledge

Each CPD is conducted by a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in the field of lighting, guaranteeing that you gain a comprehensive understanding and access to the utmost clarity and information possible.

CIBSE Approved

All of our CPDs approved by CIBSE, guaranteeing that each module has been thoroughly assessed, endorsed, and certified by CIBSE. This means you can have complete confidence in our courses.

In Person or Online

You can schedule the requested CPD to suit your needs, whether it's in person at your office or through an online platform. We understand the benefits of both face-to-face meetings and online, and we are adaptable to suit you.

50+ Years Experience

With over 50 years of experience, Tamlite was established in 1967 and has continuously evolved and learned. Our vast knowledge allows us to share valuable insights. We are LIAQA Assured - a quality assurance Mark developed by industry experts at the LIA.

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